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— Sorry… No Culture Fest in 2017 —

After eight years of amazing Helvetia Culture Fests, we are taking a break for 2017.  We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our unique culture, heritage and history with friends and neighbors in Helvetia as well as visitors from all over the world, and we hope to continue this fun tradition in the future.

We are grateful for all our wonderful volunteers and vendors who have worked with us over the past eight years to make each annual Helvetia Culture Fest a success.

This year we are catching up on some very important projects, sponsored by Helvetia Community Association and a grant from the Washington County Cultural Coalition.

  • We are creating tours of the special landmarks of the Helvetia area so that visitors can learn more about Helvetia as they bike or drive through Helvetia.
  • We are expanding our first edition of “The Tualatins,” our first book about the Tualatin people in the Helvetia area, with newly discovered information never before published.  Our second edition will be available through the Helvetia Community Association (HCA) website in August, 2017.
  • We are sponsoring a newly designed website to showcase our heritage:  This website will feature cultural tours as well as the stories of Helvetia's first families - early pioneers, settlers and Swiss-German immigrants.  Still a work in progress, its flexible design by our historian-author Ginny Mapes will allow more stories to be added in the future.

We are excited about our 2017 projects and encourage you to check them out!


The Helvetia Community Association (HCA) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) cultural, educational organization whose mission is to inspire understanding and enjoyment of Helvetia's people, land and history.

HCA brings together farmers, business owners, concerned citizens, neighbors, and residents of the Helvetia area who are working to promote and preserve the Helvetia community and its neighboring agricultural lands.

Helvetia points of interest
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Located approximately fifteen miles west of Portland, Oregon, Helvetia is recognized throughout the Portland metropolitan area for its pastoral farmland, scenic beauty, Swiss-German cultural heritage, and its natural resources.

HCA seeks to preserve, educate, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage inherited from the hardworking cultures who carefully stewarded Helvetia's fertile land and soil:

  • the Tuality (Atfalati) tribe of the Kalapuya band (now part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde) who inhabited this area until the resettlement of 1855, and
  • the hardy German-Swiss farmers who settled this area in the 1870s and named it “Helvetia” (which means “Switzerland” in Latin).

These two cultures respected the land, nurtured its soils and treasured its natural resources.  Today the Helvetia area is known as a beautiful oasis that is enjoyed and treasured by those who live here and by those who visit it.

Helvetia Community Association offers unique gift items for sale through our Helvetia Market.  All proceeds go to support HCA's many projects, and you and your family and friends get to enjoy a bit of Helvetia.

We encourage you to contribute to our efforts to keep Helvetia a special place in Oregon: 

  • We welcome your financial donation to HCA.  HCA is a 501(c)(3) cultural, educational non-profit organization, staffed 100% by volunteers.  Your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS.  To donate, simply click on “Donate”.
  • HCA is a volunteer-supported organization with many opportunities for interested folks to participate.  Please consider volunteering your time and join our team in doing good things for a great place.  To see just a few of our volunteer opportunities, click on “Volunteer”.

If you have any questions regarding HCA and its programs, you can reach us using our convenient contact form.

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