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“Our Helvetia” magazine

“Our Helvetia” features seasonal highlights, area attractions, and historical stories of the Helvetia, Oregon area.  Each issue is filled with beautiful images, informative articles, and a calendar of events of the season.  We invite you to read “Our Helvetia” – each issue is published in an easy-to-access digital format.  Just click the image to begin reading.

Winter issue Winter issue highlights:
  • From Helvetia with love
  • Finding the right Christmas tree for YOU!
  • Helvetia's Christmas tree farms
  • A Moment in Time by Ginny Mapes
  • Did you know?
Spring issue Spring issue highlights:
  • The Burning of the Böögg
  • Helvetia's Century Farms
  • Helvetia Hall
  • Helvetia's CSAs
  • Helvetia Landscape painting for sale
  • Upcoming events
Summer issue Summer issue highlights:
  • Helvetia's U-pick farms
  • Preserving forest land using conservation easements
  • Restoring native habitat
  • Keeping Helvetia's roadways clear of litter and trash
  • Adopting innovative organic agricultural practices
Fall issue Fall issue highlights:
  • Helvetia Winery
  • The elk that roam Helvetia
  • Helvetia Culture Fest
  • Helvetia's Gentle Giants - Swiss Linden and Oregon White Oak trees
  • Helvetia's Hazelnut Harvest
  • West Union School's annual Ham Dinner - a 64-year tradition

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